At Oculum, we’re award-winning filmmakers

But you need more than just award-winning films... you need results.

We’re set apart by our expertise in video strategy.

Our corporate videos are designed to be highly persuasive, with a style and message which appeal to your clients... induce exactly the right reaction.

We producte corporate videos for a range of purposes for businesses throughout the UK, including Newcastle, Leeds, Bradford, Manchester and London.

Effective & Powerful

We know that video is the fastest-growing and most effective marketing tool in the world, and that using video effectively can grow your revenue *
49% faster

Our aim is to help you deliver on your objectives through high quality, powerful targeted video

Businesses using video grow 49percent faster
*Sources: Hubspot Logo Vidyard Logo

Marketing Strategy

We can work within your existing marketing strategy , or help you construct one.
We’ll help you market your videos to your specific audience, creating an emotional bond with your brand and leading to significant business growth.

How do we do this?

  • We assess how video will fit in to your overall marketing strategy
  • We work with you to pinpoint the right message for your target audience.
  • We help you decide which style of video and platform would best suit your audience
  • We work collaboratively to develop your script, including reworking and refining it
  • We create a highly persuasive video , designed to achieve your objectives
  • We work with you to help you market your video so that it reaches your audience.

The right video on the right platform, for the right audience

One size does NOT fit all

Video must be precisely tailored to fit the mindset of the intended audience on the numerous platforms available in many contexts (Youtube, Website, Social Media, Trade Show, Blog, Cold Visitors, Warm Audience etc.).

We’re specialists in understanding the psychology of what a viewer wants and how they emotionally react to content. We use subtle and not-so-subtle production tricks to make sure every video is watched, remembered and effective.

We will help you devise a video strategy to take full advantageof video in all forms, across all platforms.

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