Oculum's award-winning film production services provide everything you need

to pursuade, motivate, explain, educate and engage your target audience

Our service involves:

Strategic Chessboard


Our expertise in video marketing strategy will shape the style and direction of your video.

Sketched Storyboard


We’ll start by defining your strategy . Then we’ll plan your video, create a storyboard and a script, followed by filming, producing and editing.

Video camera filming


We’ll film live footage - on location, or in a studio, or with a green screen. We’ll film 360 degree footage or use a drone.
We’ll create animation , either using CGI, hand-drawn techniques, a whiteboard style, or an explainer-style.

Video editing suite


All your video’s elements come together post-production, including sound, music, animation , titles and computer graphics . We’ll edit your video and bring the footage to life.

Flying Drone

Cutting-edge technology

We keep up with fast-moving technology, whether that’s using drones, 360 degree footage or 4K footage. We’ll use a video style that’s most appropriate for your platform and target audience - including ‘live streaming’ and ‘selfie’ styles.

Discover how we can help you. We are an award winning animation and corporate video production company working with businesses throughout the UK including Newcastle, Leeds, Bradford, Manchester and London.